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2010 Midway Point

Mon Jul 5, 2010 8:30:26 am by Dustin
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The first half of this year has been gradually getting better. I was not a fan of 2009 and some of its annoyances traversed into the first part of this year. We seem to be making some progress though and 2010 is looking better.

As is my tradition, I thought I would review my progress at my 2010 goals.

  • Gain Weight … Err, Eat Better and Exercise – As of this morning, I have lost four pounds. My progress to actually gain weight has been a roller coaster. I was up about ten pounds pretty quickly. When I started biking, I lost 15 pounds in three weeks. I have gained that back in my leg mostly. I probably wont fight to get to my, now, 27 pounds by the end of the year. I will keep trying though.

    My real goal of eating better and exercise is working though. I virtually bike everywhere. I lift weights. I could be better at this though. I eat like crazy. Without being anal, I have almost cut red meat, pop, and candy out of my diet.

    I feel great. I think there are two times in my life I have been in better shape. The first was late in my high school running career (about 16-7 years old) when I was running 60 miles a week. The second was my last summer working construction (20 years old). I was lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, jack hammering, etc 30-50 pounds for 60 hours a week.

  • Updated Net Worth – I am a little behind the original 126.3158%. I have a 55% change thus far which puts me at 110% by the end of the year. I had a couple large purchases which impacted the progress – bike, rain gear, and Wisconsin trip. I might be able to cut some costs in the last half of the year to catch up.
  • No House – I have not bought a house, but I did move to NE Portland. Double win. I do want to own a home but still do not know if Portland is where that will be.

The rest of my life is going well. I am still working at Conducive Technology and our FlightStats project is growing like crazy. I still have the life goal to start my own company and Conducive is teaching me some powerful knowledge which will pay off one day. Unless a business opportunity comes a knocking, I plan to stay where I am.

Defining Enterprise Software

Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:16:05 pm by Dustin
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For the last several days, I have been trying to find an explanation for what ‘enterprise’ software really is. I have not found one yet. This is troublesome for me since I consider myself an orchestrator of enterprise-level software. When there is no proper definition of what one does for a living, it can create some true value in life. No fun times.

Perusing the Internets, I found a couple opinions of its definition. Generally, they fall into one of two categories:

The former is basically saying enterprise software is just software. The latter is just annoying.

Unless you are lazy, you would probably not find these definitions representative of your career.

Without getting into too much flowery marketing mumbo jumbo, there needs to be another answer. Here is mine:

Software architected to support the breath and depth of its users needs while producing a minimalistic footprint on its own and neighboring systems. This system should not only be easily created but, more importantly, well maintained.

Well that is the definition I have come up with today. This might change over time but will a good start.

I am curious what you all think.

My First Gun Rack

Sun Mar 21, 2010 10:05:36 am by Dustin
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When I was unemployed last October, I filled some of my time creating a gun rack. I would not say this is the most fanciest rack I have ever seen or even very impressive. I just could not justify not having my guns on display. Now over the window is my office are my two guns. Other than their color they are identical.

In case you were wondering, my favorite gun manufacture is Nerf. It is the ideal manufacture for fighting tyranny, terrorism, or defending any future fort I might build. I posted a picture of my fabulous creation below.

Browser Performance Pressure

Wed Mar 17, 2010 8:35:15 am by Dustin
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Since Google Chrome (the browser) came out, I have had a theory that Google did not care how well it did related to winning the apparent ‘browser war’. More specifically they were not worried about the browser’s direct market share. I am sure they will never omit this fact though.

Instead Google has two goals:

  • Put pressure on other browsers to produce more efficient, standardized features.
  • Incorporate it with Chrome OS and (hopefully) Android devices.

Today we are seeing some of the results from the former. IE9 produced JavaScript benchmark results compared to other major browsers. The graph below shows the results.

If comparing IE8/IE9 or Opera 10.1/10.5 are indications, this goal is producing some nice results. This not only makes my job creating web apps easier, it also will produce new challenges to make more fancy apps. Additionally surfing the web will just be better.

Now if only we could kill IE6.

One Week of Bike Commuting

Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:15:02 am by Dustin
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Ever since my man vs boat experience, I have been a bit reluctant to ride a bike in Vancouver. I figure I need to face my fears and get out there.

I bought a bike and started bike commuting. I might be the only person dumb enough to take a bike from Vancouver to downtown Portland, but I have never been much for fitting in. Actually, I do not ride the entire 11 miles. I grab the Yellow Line in North Portland.

I get a Tri-met pass for work, so minus the cost of the bike, my commute is now free. Woohoo.

Going over the Interstate Bridge in the rain, wind, and dark is less than my favorite activity in the world. Otherwise, I enjoy my commute better than sitting in traffic.

Next step, move back to Portland.