About Dustin

Name: Dustin James Digmann
Email: dustin at digmann dot com
AIM: ddigmann

Birth: LaCrosse, WI (Southeast of Twin Cities) – March 3, 1983
Grew up: Gig Harbor, WA – close to Tacoma
Live: Vancouver, WA

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School: University of Portland ‘06
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Business Administration

My Resume: Dustin Digmann’s Resume
Current Job: Software Engineer – Conducive Technology Corp
What?: I make software for FlightStats. I am on the web/API/web service team.
Professional Interests: web development, entrepreneurship, operations, product management, and value investing

Personal Interests: ULTIMATE frisbee, reading, amber ales, outdoors (hiking, camping, skinny dipping shhh), anything not dealing with computers

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  1. pencil shades

    On the article called “Fessler Resigns,” would you mind removing the name at the bottom of the very last comment. The name begins with “kev.”

    Thank you.

  2. Dustin

    pencil shades. Done and done.

  3. pencil shades

    one last request, when you have a moent, would you please remove that same name “kev…” from the post right below the edited one. That would be great. I do appreciate it very much and thank you for all your hardwork.