One Hundred Five Days

Sun Jun 6, 2010 7:30:48 pm by Dustin
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The experiment is over. When I started biking to work, I actually stopped driving. Today marks the 105th day. Zero car for more than three months. Not to work, play, or even groceries. Impressive – maybe; ridiculous – definitely.

Now I have mooched off a couple people from time-to-time to avoid riding home at 4:00 a.m. or the monsoon that was May in PDX. I, like most people, am far from perfect.

The car took a couple cranks today, but mostly had no issues starting. For a 14 years old, this car is lasting quite nicely. GM might take note of how it used to make cars.

How did I celebrate my re-entry into the car world? Apartment hunting, purchasing bike parts (ironical), sitting in traffic (woohoo), and grocery shopping. (For all those would be no-car-peoples out there, grocery shopping is a pain without a car.)

No, I am not going to now stop biking. I will be riding to work tomorrow – rain or shine. Pattern continues. I will probably only drive to errands.

I actually have not felt this great, physically, in years. About seven years. Exercise rocks. With exercise comes, eating to keep up. For those of you who thought I ate a ton before, now I eat double that, making grocery shopping even that much harder.

Hopefully, I will be moving to PDX at the end of this month.

  1. James

    That’s actually pretty impressive. You just happened not to take any trips out of town, or were you avoiding doing so?

    If you’re going to do grocery shopping by bike, you definitely want a rack and possibly panniers, too. I’ve done small grocery trips by bike with just a backpack, but I can’t haul a week’s worth of stuff that way, especially not without squishing the bread. I’ve also done it with a gallon a milk in one hand and two bags in the other, riding without hands most of the way. That gets a little exciting.

  2. Dustin

    I took a couple out of town trip. Hiking in the Gorge. Cannon Beach. Mostly at the expense of Brandon or Amy. Nothing buying beer did not seem to fix.

    I could not justify buying fancy pants side bags for an experiment. Taking one, two, three trips to the store was not too bad.