June, 2010

Vancouver, You Have Been A Living Hell To Me

Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:04:50 am by Dustin
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In October 2006, I moved to this country’s mediocre city of Vancouver, WA. To this day, I still tell people when asked how I like it – “It is a nice place to sleep”. Until this last October, I had a great 1.5 mile commute to work, so living there made some sense. I never really liked it though.

This past weekend, that all changed. I am now (half) living in Portland again. Thus far, it rocks. My commute this morning as a three mile bike ride down hill into the city. Not a bad way to start summer.

My goal for the weekend was to move my day-to-day things, making sure I could begin living at the new place by the end of the weekend. Strong friends were busy this weekend, so, at times, that seemed like a challenge. After seven car loads and no truck, we got it. I am now living at the new place minus my bed, couch, dining table, and desk.

Planning a move around a holiday is less than ideal. Tomorrow I leave for Wisconsin.

One Hundred Five Days

Sun Jun 6, 2010 7:30:48 pm by Dustin
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The experiment is over. When I started biking to work, I actually stopped driving. Today marks the 105th day. Zero car for more than three months. Not to work, play, or even groceries. Impressive – maybe; ridiculous – definitely.

Now I have mooched off a couple people from time-to-time to avoid riding home at 4:00 a.m. or the monsoon that was May in PDX. I, like most people, am far from perfect.

The car took a couple cranks today, but mostly had no issues starting. For a 14 years old, this car is lasting quite nicely. GM might take note of how it used to make cars.

How did I celebrate my re-entry into the car world? Apartment hunting, purchasing bike parts (ironical), sitting in traffic (woohoo), and grocery shopping. (For all those would be no-car-peoples out there, grocery shopping is a pain without a car.)

No, I am not going to now stop biking. I will be riding to work tomorrow – rain or shine. Pattern continues. I will probably only drive to errands.

I actually have not felt this great, physically, in years. About seven years. Exercise rocks. With exercise comes, eating to keep up. For those of you who thought I ate a ton before, now I eat double that, making grocery shopping even that much harder.

Hopefully, I will be moving to PDX at the end of this month.