An Example Of Lack Of Journalism

Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:50:08 am by Dustin
Filed under Dealing with People, Finance, General

Inc Magazine has an article out called Greed is Google. To summarize, Google is looking for bond trader to help it maintain its $24 billion is cash reserves and that is ‘evil’.

First of all, many companies have similar positions. A company with large cash holdings can either pay it to its shareholders, give out bonuses, increase its infrastructure, or invest it. I am sure you could classify other categories, but you get the point.

The question I have: Why are you attacking Google? Is it because they know more about you than other companies? Possibly. Can you do much about it? Not yet – well not use their services.

Why not attack, say, GE? Their healthcare unit creates MRI machines while GE Capital is one of the largest ‘banks’ in the country. Their bond traders must be using all that MRI data to trade foreign government bonds and destroy our lives. The list of medium and large size companies who try to increase their cash through investing could continue.

The Google “Don’t be evil” Achilles Heel might be an easy target to sell magazines though.