Browser Performance Pressure

Wed Mar 17, 2010 8:35:15 am by Dustin
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Since Google Chrome (the browser) came out, I have had a theory that Google did not care how well it did related to winning the apparent ‘browser war’. More specifically they were not worried about the browser’s direct market share. I am sure they will never omit this fact though.

Instead Google has two goals:

  • Put pressure on other browsers to produce more efficient, standardized features.
  • Incorporate it with Chrome OS and (hopefully) Android devices.

Today we are seeing some of the results from the former. IE9 produced JavaScript benchmark results compared to other major browsers. The graph below shows the results.

If comparing IE8/IE9 or Opera 10.1/10.5 are indications, this goal is producing some nice results. This not only makes my job creating web apps easier, it also will produce new challenges to make more fancy apps. Additionally surfing the web will just be better.

Now if only we could kill IE6.

  1. Jeff

    No matter what their purpose was for creating Chrome, it has produced good results. Everyone wants a faster more standards compliant web browser…except IE6 users.