One Week of Bike Commuting

Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:15:02 am by Dustin
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Ever since my man vs boat experience, I have been a bit reluctant to ride a bike in Vancouver. I figure I need to face my fears and get out there.

I bought a bike and started bike commuting. I might be the only person dumb enough to take a bike from Vancouver to downtown Portland, but I have never been much for fitting in. Actually, I do not ride the entire 11 miles. I grab the Yellow Line in North Portland.

I get a Tri-met pass for work, so minus the cost of the bike, my commute is now free. Woohoo.

Going over the Interstate Bridge in the rain, wind, and dark is less than my favorite activity in the world. Otherwise, I enjoy my commute better than sitting in traffic.

Next step, move back to Portland.

  1. James

    One guy at my last job said his ride was 19 miles each way. He seemed to do it pretty regularly. I had always planned to ride occasionally on nice days, but never seemed to get around to it. It would have been 17 miles each way, but I never intended to do it more than twice a week.

    The new job will be 6-7 miles, I think. I’m still figuring out a safe route, but I figure I can ride every day when the weather is nice.