January, 2010

Parking Managment Company Map

Sat Jan 9, 2010 11:48:23 am by Dustin
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One of the perks of working at Conducive is a free parking pass. Parking Management Company (PMC) is kind enough to organize the logistics of this sweet deal. PMC has about 300 locations in Portland, Salem, and Vancouver which I can now use anytime I want.

I found a problem though. After looking and looking, I could not find a map of the locations. If my normal lot is full, I could not find an alternative easily without skimming the list. On the weekends, I want to find a location close to the weekend activity of choice. So, I made a map. I hope somebody out there finds this as helpful as I think it will be for me.

View PMC Parking Map in a larger map

*Music* Go Pack, Go *Music*

Wed Jan 6, 2010 8:08:23 am by Dustin
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For anybody out there that does not know, the Packers have made the playoffs. It was only a one year absence too. Woohoo. Since the NFL playoffs started in 1933, this will their 25th appearance.

Well, this means for the next few weeks I am going to be a bit crazy. Sorry for anybody who hangs out with me on Sundays. I think this team is better than the 2007 team, so it should be fun.

Go Pack, Go

I thought I would put together my predictions for the 2010 playoffs.

Wild Card Weekend

  • Cinci over the ‘we have no chance of getting in the playoffs’ Jets
  • NE over Baltimore


  • “America’s Team” over Phillie
  • Pack over Arizona – duh

Division Series

  • Indiana over Ohio – aka Indie over Cinci
  • SD over NE


  • Norway over Down Home
  • Pack over Saints – the shocker of the playoffs. Yes I think this can beat the Saints.

Conference Series

  • Indie over SD – A great game. The best game but will have less hype than the NFC game.


  • Vikes over Pack – Gasp. MN, as a throwing team, can beat this great Pack defense unless everybody gets off the IR list (Not happening). This Pack offense can beat the MN defense, but the defense will not stop Brett. That is unless Brett pulls his normal playoff choking. Me guess not.

Da Big One

  • Indie destroys MN – Manning and Favre cry in one another’s arms. Manning goes to Disneyland. Favre to Mississippi.

If all this comes out this way, I think somebody needs to send me a box of cookies.

Welcoming 2010

Fri Jan 1, 2010 2:27:44 pm by Dustin
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Well, it is 2010. Welcome.

I thought I would write down a couple goals for the next year.

  • Gain 23 Pounds – Really my goal is to eat better and exercise, but that sounds boring. To put it more entertaining and challenging, I want to get to 200 pounds. As of about 20 minutes ago, that means 23 pounds. I actually started this about two months ago and will be hard to reach.
  • Add 126.3158% to Net Worth – This is actually a significant milestone. Buying a car might get in the way of this.
  • Do Not Buy a House – I have gone through two house hunting episodes now. I have decided I do not want to be tied down that much, so I will not be buying a house this year.

That will be enough for today. Any thoughts?