Day Two of Employment

Tue Nov 17, 2009 7:14:47 pm by Dustin
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Yep, that is right. I got a job. I started, well, yesterday.

I am now a Software Engineer at Conducive Technology. Conducive, among other things, runs which tracks flight data (arrival time, status, delays, etc).

I will be on the web/API/Web Service team, creating and maintaining the tools and various user facing apps. The other half of the team works on the data collection/validation process.

Conducive is a small company; I am about number 18 with options to add maybe five next year. It is located right downtown Portland. I am pretty excited about my options here.


  • They are profitable, VC backed, stable, and an industry leader.
  • I love product development (as opposed to service development) – always have. I am just more passionate about what I am creating.
  • Flight Stats is a pretty big site. Page views and hits are measured in the many millions. This is a huge upgrade from many thousands. By this time next year, that number will be close to 50mm.
  • In addition to having many visitors, the site is planned to go into multiple international markets.
  • Much less structure allows me to have flex hours and making my own hours really.


  • The commute to downtown Portland is about four times longer than the 20 blocks I did before. We will see how this goes.
  • I am now an engineer where I had been an architect for the last year and a half. This I saw coming. When I moved into my architect position, I knew I would not be able to maintain it if I left Formos. Nobody would hire somebody so young into an architect spot, rather one needs to be promoted to it.
  • Being an engineer and at a product based company, there will be little client facing interaction. This had been a large portion of my work at Formos.

With five weeks of doing nothing, I am very eager to get back to it. Here we go.

  1. Brandon

    Congrats! Glad to hear you found something fun. Now, If I could just get myself up to P town, we’d be all set.

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