Finding the Top of My Desk

Tue Oct 13, 2009 3:27:12 pm by Dustin
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Three years ago, I moved into my current apartment. It has two bedrooms all to me. My intentions were to actually use the second bedroom as an office/study. Well that has not really happened until today. Up to this point, my spare room was a clearing house for my books, extra computer, and, well, storage. My laptop primarily lived on my couch or dining room table.

Today I took the time to find the top of my desk between researching for an interview I have at the end of the week. I found out a couple things about myself:

  • I have a ton of books. Holy crap. In addition to a bookshelf containing all my textbooks from college, there are also five moving boxes full. For some reason, I enjoy keeping these. The shelves on the bookcase are beginning to sage from the weight. I think I will need a new one in the future.
  • The computer I took to college is now broken. It will not even load in Safe Mode. I guess seven years will do that. I had intended this to be a backup for music, movies, etc. This may not be necessary in the near future. Either way, I might have a project coming up.
  • Finding the top of my desk really just meant moving things from the desk to my futon or my living room. The living room pile, mostly old electronics, will have a ceremonial departure. The rest needs to be in a filing cabinet or something. Go projects.

My goal will be to use this room more often. In the near future, I should have plenty of time to create a work inducing environment as I look for a new job.

I also feel I need a new desk. My current desk is nice and all, but it has an oak top. This surface is not nice to write with. Although I do not actually write with a pencil/pen often, but when I do, this desk is not sanded finely enough. The surface area could be bigger too.

This post is not the most entertaining I have written, but, personally, I am glad I have the first of this cleaning done.