Starbucks Might Be A Drug

Wed May 7, 2008 6:01:14 am by Dustin
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They say one of the goals for marketing and sales peoples is to proclaim and sell a product to the point of addiction. Apple has this with cult-like fanboys. For me this is beer or Junior Mints. Although, I do know when to stop drinking beer.

Starbucks may not be in its glory days for customers, sales, margins, or share price. They do have abilityto keep people addicted. Starbucks Gossip has informed me some people are so attached to their coffee, they think every store is a drive through. Yes that is right, some moron drove into a store.

  1. James

    An old guy did that to the produce section at the grocery store in my home town a few years back.

    Gas, brake…they all look the same when your eyes start to go.

  2. Jeff

    Did someone say mandatory periodic driving tests for the elderly? My great grandfather, God rest his soul, got his AZ state driver’s license renewed until he was 104!!! Luckily, he knew that he was in no condition to drive.