LinkedIn Wants You

Wed May 7, 2008 5:50:22 am by Dustin
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Well, actually, I think they want me and/or 500 other people…

I got a surprising email yesterday from one of the project managers at LinkedIn. For those of you who do not know what LinkedIn is, think social networking web app for professionals; it’s Facebook plus Monster. LinkedIn apparently is hiring and needs to develop a whole new aspect of their site and decided the best way to market for this job was to email their users with project manager and software development experience on their profile. It is pretty nice when you have 21 million users to choose from.

Although I was flattered to receive my first bulk job offer, I am going to have to pass.

Here is the email if anybody is interested in moving to Mountain View:

Hi Dustin,

I’m a Product Manager at LinkedIn and I just came across your profile. I think you’d be a great fit for one of our new engineering teams (details below).

We’re located in Mountain View, California–about 30 miles south of San Francisco–and relocation assistance is available.

You’d work in a small team (which you’d help build) with a few other great engineers (who you’d help hire) to solve interesting problems and create important products.

I’ve attached some more details about the position below, but if you’re interested, please email me (reply with) a copy of your resume and I’ll get the ball rolling. And if you have any friends or former colleagues that might be interested, feel free to forward this email to them.



Be challenged at LinkedIn:
We’re looking for superb software engineers of all levels to start a new team that will build some of the most innovative products at LinkedIn.

This is a unique opportunity to help define and build a new engineering team within a mid-sized (280 employees), globally-recognized, energetic, ambitious, and profitable pre-IPO startup. Since this is a new team, you’ll play an integral role in hiring (choosing) the people you’ll be working with.

Currently, there’s no easy way to find the best PR firms in San Francisco or the top nonprofits in Boston. Information like this is extremely valuable, but not something you can just Google. We’re building a system that leverages our network of 21 million professionals to help users identify the best products, businesses, and employers.

LinkedIn is also in a unique position to influence how businesses reach 21 million global professionals. In addition to contextual and behavioral targeting, LinkedIn’s profile-targeted advertising products provide a new degree of relevance, which delivers significant value to both our users and our advertisers. We’re working on the next generation of our profile-targeting advertising platform.

Why work at LinkedIn?

* Challenging work that matters
* LinkedIn is actually useful. Every day, people use LinkedIn to hire, find contacts, stay in touch, and manage their professional brand.
* Weekly releases mean your code will help someone find their dream job or former colleague right away
* “We tackle world-class engineering problems (of scale, performance, and security) with innovative architectural solutions” — Ruslan Belkin, Director of Engineering.

Rapidly growing business

* 21 million interconnected, elite professionals (that’s more people than live in Sweden)
* 1 million new users every month (that’s like Fiji or Rhode Island)
* Profitable in 2007 ($75M-$100M expected in 2008)


* Pre-IPO stock options
* 18 vacation days per year plus 8 company holidays
* Free catered lunches every day and a fully stocked kitchen
* Shuttles from San Francisco and CalTrain
* Onsite Gym
* Beautiful Mac workstations with 23″ monitors
* Great colleagues to play Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Four Square with.


We’re looking for smart software engineers who get things done:

* A B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science or equivalent
* A demonstrated habit of producing beautiful code (Java preferred) to solve complex problems
* We have openings at all levels, including engineer, senior engineer, principal/lead engineer, and management (to director level). To be competitive for a management position, you should have managed a team of engineers who wrote beautiful code to solve complex problems.
* Excitement about creating a product from the ground up with a team that you help build
* Background in online advertising, auction/pricing theory, predictive models, and analytics-driven solutions a plus

I just noticed there is a declaimer at the bottom to ‘unsubscribe’ to future job offers like this. Well, gosh, you mean I have a choice.

  1. Jack Chou

    Hi Dustin,

    Just a note, but I think you might be giving us (LinkedIn) not enough credit – not every well-written email is bulk :).

    And please do let any friends know if you think they might be a good fit and interested. Feel free to send them my email address.

    Oh, and nice blog.


  2. Dustin


    I hope there was no disrespect in this post. I meant it to be sarcastic.

    Also most of my tech friends read this site, so they have now been told. Best of luck.

  3. Ray

    Heh, nuts.