VCs Like Prototypes. Here’s A Solution.

Wed Apr 9, 2008 6:36:06 am by Dustin
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Fred Wilson wrote a post earlier on his blog, A VC, called Powerpoint vs Working Code?. In this post he mentions a small study which shows how Venture Capitalist would rather see a demonstration of your software than a silly Powerpoint presentation.

Early in the fund raising process, it might be hard to get large amounts of a web application completed on the budget provided from seed funding. For reasons like this, web frameworks (tools to make creating web applications easier) have started to build into their ‘toolkit’ prototype like functionality.

My favorite is Tapestry 5. With T5 I would be able to create, say, a registration form in less time than it will take to write this post. Now, this form might not be in the final visual state I would like it, but it gives me a chance to quickly get something working.

If you are a developer and are interested in how this works, you can see a screen cast for this form. If you would like to see what a prototype would look like with this method, this screen cast will show this too.

  1. James

    That’s interesting and totally sensible.

    I think on the mechanical side of things, the equivalent is to produce concept art (most valuable when they’re made from actual engineering models), perform high level tests, or even to rapid-prototype parts out of plastic.

  2. Brandon

    I like it. It is always nice when you can see something working (even if roughly), rather than someone telling you that this is how it -could- work.

  3. Roo

    Interesting….one of these days I’ll have to fiddle around w/ these crazy serverlets.