I Got Hit In The Face

Tue Feb 26, 2008 7:14:50 am by Dustin
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Last night was the annual UP vs Gonzaga basketball game at UP. I was lucky enough to have front row seats behind the basket and the cheerleaders.

At one point in search for the ball, one Gonzaga player decided to face plant himself in a friend’s chest. That friend being Jason.

While we were still talking about a large man falling on Jason, I was privileged enough to look up just as the ball was hitting me in the face. I would like to say I took it on the chin with a grin, but it was more like on the nose with a smile (and a bloody nose). Jason later told me he could have stopped it, but since I didn’t help him with the falling man, I was on my own for that one.

And that was my Monday.

  1. Jeff

    Wow, what an ethical dilemma…

    The question is, Do I help a friend who is about to be tragically struck IN THE FACE by an impending ball. Jason with 0.3 seconds to react decides NOT to help Dustin after he remembered the “falling man” and Dustin’s lack of help toward him.

    It has to be easier to deflect a ball hurled at Dustin’s face than to prevent a basketball player from head butting Jason on the chest. Right?

  2. Jason

    You got hit in the face.

    I wasn’t paying much attention to the game at the time (happened a few times…), and caught a glimpse of the ball a tad too late. I tried to deflect it like a woman trying to deflect a Goodyear tire, but was only able to make contact with the ball after it apparently bounced off Dusty’s face. Makes for a good bar story, though. Chicks dig scars / getting hit in the face with a basketball.

  3. Jason

    I wonder if ESPN2 caught it on camera…

  4. Brandon

    They even played the game in Tehas… I got to watch a good game of basket ball (well, until about 8:00 left). Wish I could have been there. It was neat seeing the Chiles center again. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the Jason/Head or Dustin’s face/Ball incidents. That would have been funny as hell.

  5. James

    Wait, was that during the first half?

    I think I saw it on ESPN! It was fast enough I didn’t notice you guys, but there was a pretty good fumble down into the cheerleaders early on.

  6. Dustin

    Rumor has it the camera behind me was one of two in the entire place; the other being behind the student section. Therefore, I am not on TV.

    But if anybody does find a video for this, I will pay top dollar (ie I will pay you a dollar).