Tornados Are Bigger In Person

Sat Jan 12, 2008 11:14:10 am by Dustin
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If you have not heard by now, Vancouver, USA was hit with a fancy tornado two days ago. You will be happy (I hope) to know I faired very nicely. Other than my mother calling me 15 seconds after work was over wondering if my apartment was still standing, I would not have known it was even close to my place.

In summary, I would not have really known there was a tornado if it wasn’t for the news or all my family members calling me to see if I was still alive.

Well, except one of my co-workers was not so lucky. That is right, I know a celebrity. The tornado decided with an all-knowing, divine like decision to go through his backyard. As you can expect, there was damage: no more truck and no more shed. He also came out with some trash that was not his and he did not have to pay for. Luck him.

Also luck him that he works for Formos, a place which will take a serious situation like this (or getting hit by a boat) and keep it light. He has a new nickname of Dorthy. He also logged his time for the rest of the day on Thursday under ‘Dealing with a tornado’ which is not a metaphor for writing software.

  1. Ray

    Yea my power went out that day, both at home and work. Only a surge, but I don’t have any UPSes :(