My First Hold ‘em Poker Tournament

Sat Jan 5, 2008 1:10:37 pm by Dustin
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A few months ago I mentioned how I had played poker at a bar and actually got second place. Since then I have played at that same bar almost every Tuesday night, pending holidays, other plans, and late nights at work. I even won a few weeks ago.

Part of that experience is a quarterly, regional tournament. It was today. If you can guess from the time of day I am writing this, I did not do as well as I have in the past. There were over 300 people playing, and I made to having, say, about half that left. I will call it a fair effort for the first time.

There were three main hands for me. About the third or fourth hand of the day, I was given two queens. I was excited. After giving up about half of my starting chips I found out, almost predictably, the other player in the hand had two aces. Ouch. The next hand I had two jacks and lost to a straight. At this point I was almost the lowest hand in the room. I decide to only play really good hands for a while and see if I can at least learn something out of the day (and not be the first one out). The final key hand I had was my last (no I did not win this one either). I had ace/queen unsuited and went all in after the flop. The other guy had seven/two, so I thought I was in good shape with two over cards. It turns out on the turn – the last card to come up – he paired his twos. I lost to a pair of twos on the turn.

I went to see how a few of my buddies were doing, Jon and Jason; they did not have much left. It was a fun few hours. Maybe next time.