A Year Ago Yesterday…

Thu Dec 13, 2007 6:57:53 am by Dustin
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…I was officially done with college.

  1. Brandon

    Grats on the 1 years of being officially done with the easy life!

  2. James

    Funny how the “easy life” is the one where you stay up to 3 AM or later working, are constantly getting torn a new one on your reviews (aka, tests), and get paid around minimum wage, if at all.

    Yeah kids, welcome to the “real world.”

    So Dusty, did you celebrate by going on the pub crawl?

  3. Brandon

    James, I dissagree. I think that college was definately the easy life. Granted, the homework did suck, but how much of that 3am work and poor performance on tests was our faults? Quite a bit I think. As for now, I have a ton more crap to worry about than I ever did at school, and I don’t know about your job, but mine makes me work much harder than I ever did at school (though the pay has improved considerably).

  4. Dustin

    It seems like in our line of work comparing tests and major projects is one of those apple/orange problems. Knowing your specialty is one thing, but the system to learn and apply that knowledge is completely different. For that reason, I would say work is much easier. Then again I could just be bad at taking tests.

    James I did not go on the crawl this time. I went to coffee with some friends instead. I try to give my liver a night off on Wednesdays.