December, 2007

Now That Is How You Sell Magazines

Thu Dec 20, 2007 6:21:31 pm by Dustin
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There is a rumor out that Barron’s has an article about getting away from Warren Buffett stock. This is a brilliant marketing ploy.

It works like so:

  • Write an article stating the greatest investor of our time is out of date, falling behind, and going to retire/die before a replacement can be found to take the company for the next 30 years.
  • Tell a couple of key bloggers.
  • Watch them say ‘Oh no you didn’t’.
  • Continue to watch as everybody and their brother’s dog writes about you.
  • Count your money.

This ploy worked on me, well sort of. After work today I headed over to Barnes and Noble to see if I could pick up a copy because I crumble for knowledge about investing. I fed my opinion that Barnes and Noble is useless because they did not have Barron’s at all. Luckily, the article is online, so Sell Buffett I guess.

A Year Ago Yesterday…

Thu Dec 13, 2007 6:57:53 am by Dustin
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…I was officially done with college.