Congrats Steve Nguyen

Tue Nov 20, 2007 7:10:22 am by Dustin
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When I was in school I worked on campus for what we called Telecom. We fixed the phones and Internets when they were not working properly. It was a great experience as a first technical job. I met some interesting individuals many of which are my friends still to this day. It was one of those interesting work environments where if you left the room for more than 15 seconds without locking your computer, when you got back a picture from would be on your desktop. The ‘Oh my God’s were priceless.

On of those interesting young chaps I met there was Tri (Steve) Nguyen. Steve has become a finalist in BusinessWeek’s Best Young Entrepreneur in Asia. This is pretty funny for me because last time my friends talked about him, we were remembering how he was trying to show his Karate dominance over a concrete wall (the wall one by the way).

Congrats Steve and best of luck on your businesses.

  1. Ray

    I voted for him. Pretty cool.

  2. Brandon

    Wow, Glad he’s doing well! I haven’t talked to him in ages. I’ve also voted for him.
    BTW… Nice tux Steve.