Checking The Flight Schedule

Wed Nov 7, 2007 6:38:51 pm by Dustin
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Tomorrow morning I have the privilege to start a fabulous vacation. Ok, technically I am home from work, so I am already on holiday. Time for a beer…

… and back.

I was starting to get things together and looked at my itinerary which has been booked since July. This schedule sucks hardcore. (Notice the reference to all the spam)

Here is what I go through:

I leave PDX at 11:35 PST tomorrow morning bound for Cincinnati, OH. After a two and a half hour layover, I leave there at 9:15 EST. I end up in Green Bay, WI at 9:40 CST. Just a four hour flight followed with a hour and a half. Not too bad.

On the way back is another story. I leave Green Bay at 10:00 am CST to land in Atlanta, GA at 1:11 EST, a two hour flight. My layover is longer than this flight: three hours. I then come back to Portland with a magical and stupendous five hour flight. I might be tired after all that.

By now you may have found out I am going to Green Bay, WI. I am actually really excited. I have a few cousins who live in GB as well as an aunt and uncle. One of those cousins has become my favorite cousin of all time because she works for the Packers. A perk of working there is what else but season tickets. Moral of the story is: I am going to a Packers game. Woohoo!

I also haven’t been to Wisconsin in a few years. This is semi depressing. Wisconsin, being my native state, is one of the three places I call home. The other two being Gig Harbor, WA (where I grew up) and Portcouver, WA/OR (where I reside). Anybody who has known me for more than two weeks is bound to find out I have a ton of respect for my past and heritage. This trip will help me remember that fact.

  1. Dustin


    First of all, I just found out it is snowing in Green Bay right now. At bit different than the 60 degrees here in Vancouver today.

    Second, the tickets I have for the game are going for $350-400 each, and they are end zone tickets. Scalping must be legal in Green Bay.

  2. Brandon

    Nice, the Packers game should be hella fun. Also, say hi to the snow for me… Tell it I miss it… I’ll see it in december!

  3. Dustin

    Will do Brandon. Will do.

  4. Jeff

    First reaction to post…your “heritage” is Wisconsin? I thought Wisconsin was a state!

  5. James

    Bring back some cheese.

  6. Kerry

    Bring back a cheesehead. And, everyone knows one of those won’t fit into your luggage, so be sure to wear it on the plane on your way back.