Will Steal Parking Meter For Quarters

Mon Nov 5, 2007 9:03:57 pm by Dustin
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Today like most Mondays I went to work. How about a little background to help you understand the situation.

My office is inside what used to be a house. In the back, we have an ‘employee’ entrance which is just next to a carport. This can all be nicely viewed from Google Maps. Ok, nicely is relative since you cannot see the back door. Let’s just say it is in the NW corner of centered building. You will have to trust me.

Now for the fun part.

This morning I was walking South on Washington (the street on the left), when I noticed the parking meter which is normally right outside from the rear door was replaced with hole. There was also a dirt trail down the sidewalk which splits my office and the carport (in the shadow area on the map) for about 20 feet. At the end of the dirt crumb trail was the parking meter which – without drawing conclusions – might have filled the hole nicely. There were a few quarters on the ground and the meter’s head was not to be seen. It may have been kicked off in a fit of joy, but I am no detective.

My guess, if I was to try to come up with what kind of situation would cause such a horrific disaster, would be that the ground was so mad at the parking meter – they may have been fighting – it threw it up. So forcefully in fact splattered the sidewalk and cut its head off. The head was probably eaten by the carport to never be seen again. I hope I never piss of that ground or carport.

  1. Brandon

    riiiight…. And now, a moment of silence for the parking meter.

    You will be missed!