The Spruce Goose Is Big

Sun Oct 28, 2007 7:53:24 am by Dustin
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Yesterday my parents and I headed down to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville to see one large plane, the Spruce Goose. This plane was built in the 40s and took off and landed in the water. Big deal you say? Well it is just a bit smaller than the Airbus A380 which means a plane the size of a small city was built and flown in the 40s to take off from water. Semi-impressive, maybe a bit more than semi.

The best part of the trip was not the plane though. You see, it was Star Wars – Let’s Dress up and Practice Our Fighting Skills in the Grass Outside the Museum Day (sorry no Wikipedia link for that one).

This trip had everything necessary for a good trip: humor and education.

  1. Jeff

    You might have missed that part about the Spruce Goose only really flying once for less than 5 minutes. It was still a great accomplishment for the 1940s. The plane is quite a sight.

  2. Brandon

    “flying once for less than 5 minutes”…

    That’s better than the Wright brothers… Orville only flew that thing for 12 seconds… And that was on land. Also, the Spruce Goose is made out of wood… How cool is that?


  3. James

    The Evergreen Aviation Museum is definitely one of those things any engineer in Oregon should visit at some point. I think it’s pretty fitting how basically the entire museum collection, including the B-17, sit underneath the H-4.

    The flight was not supposed to happen. It was supposed to be a taxi-test to make sure everything was working, before later actual flights (which of course, never happened). Hughes was known for pushing things a little bit as a test pilot.

    There’s some debate over whether or not it could have flown usefully, but of course that was never tried.