$2M Richer

Wed Oct 24, 2007 6:19:57 am by Dustin
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Last night I ventured over to Dublin Pub for a US Tournament Poker game. I found out they actually play every Tuesday and there are other games run by USTP all over. If I wanted to I could play every day. I also learned there are some people who take no money, no prize, friendly games of poker way too serious.

I was pretty nervous. I guess it is because it was my first non-home game play. There were two games and in the first I was out of chips decently early (maybe 25th of 40) and was forced to watch. The second game was similar but way different. I had a low amount of chips most of the game, having won a few small hands early but not getting much after that. I sat it out and did what the call in the business as playing it tight. This actually got me to the final table where I had three chips total. That amounted to 3000 while some others had > 25k. I continued to play tight and watched as people started to give up all their chips. The next thing I knew there were two others in the game plus me and I had tripled my chips. After a few good hands, I was then tied in chips with the other two. Now it was a game.

I ended up getting second. Since there is no real gambling, we could only play for points which could then qualify you for more chips at some quarterly event. That event could qualify you for money games. So they gave me this shiny poker chip saying ‘IOU $2M’. Ok not really, but I did get a chip. Hurrah me.

I was just reading where in Vancouver they play. I guess every Sunday afternoon they play at the bar across the street from my apartment. I might try it some time; I might not.

Welp off to work.

  1. Jeff

    Anybody looking for a sugar daddy? lol

  2. James

    Talk about a let down. When I saw the “$2M Richer” title I figured you’d made a timely investment in the Oregon lottery or something like that and had therefore qualified for the title of best friend. 2nd place in bar poker…not quite as cool.

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