My Quest To Find How Vancouver Is Cool

Tue Oct 2, 2007 6:09:41 am by Dustin
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I have been living in The Couve, Vancouver, WA, for one year last week. To this day, I have no idea what makes Vancouver cool. Sure the city/area has some history, but that does not make a city cool; it just makes it interesting.

So, I am beginning a journey and will not rest until I know why this city is more than interesting. I will go forth to speak with the people in their native tongue to find culture and activity. The goal will be to determine if Vancouver should be part of the twin city Portland/Vancouver (or should I say Vancouver/Portland) metro area or just another suburb. With its small person complex as being the redheaded step child a suburb, this might be tough.

It might be a long, hard task to prove, but I am up for it. Pray for me folks. Stop me on the street to wish me luck. And if I fail, avenge my death.

  1. Jeff

    Good Sir,

    I congratulate you on this great day. The wonderful adventure that lays ahead of you is one that only a brave few have dared to attempt. God’s speed, my friend.

    - Jeff

  2. Brandon

    Vancouver is closer to Portland than Dallas… put that in the win column for Vancouver. Plus, since Dallas is really cool (ironically, except for the heat) that makes Vancouver a bit cooler than it would have been? Ok, I’m stretching, but at least I tried…

  3. James

    Isn’t asking what makes Vancouver cool before establishing as fact whether or not Vancouver actually is cool sort of like asking what makes pigs fly before establishing whether, in fact, pigs can fly?

    Which isn’t to suggest that you can’t refer to the Vancouver-Portland metro area if you find that it isn’t cool, because I’m not really convinced Portland is cool either.

  4. Dustin

    James, that might be a little too detail oriented for this discussion.