My Knees Hurt

Wed Sep 26, 2007 5:54:14 am by Dustin
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Last week, I had a great running milestone. I past that introductory phase where ones lungs, heart, and organs hurt while exercising and entered into the phase where my muscles hurt. Why is this exciting, something still hurts doesn’t it? Well yes, but it means I have strengthened the core of my body to the point that it is no longer the weakest. This is a landmark where I could start increasing the distance I run. Hurrah all around.

Well hurrah until yesterday. I went out for my usual run; I have no desire to increase my miles for now. My knees were killing me. The pain was coming from the inside of my knees, but I cannot pin point why it is starting now. No event would have triggered this. Ugg. My only thoughts are that my legs are strengthening themselves disproportionately throughout. This could be the weights I life three days a week or the terrain. I think I will try I different location for a few days and see how I feel.

  1. Dustin


    I thought my knee pain was just while I was running since they did not hurt last night, but walking out of my apartment this woke them up again. They are a bit soar while I am walking up and down stairs and for a bit after.

  2. Phil

    Knee’s are for bitches, all you need are shins, like King of the Hill’s dad.

  3. Jeff

    Congrats on breaking that physical barrier! No, I’m not referring to your knees.

  4. Brandon

    My ankle pops when I run and it hurts like a son of a… I’d tried an ankle brace, but I am still having the same issues. I might need to see a physician before I take up running as a hobby… ugh. Glad to hear you’re in pain though! Only from a “getting stronger” standpoint… naturally :P