Always Lock Your Door

Tue Sep 25, 2007 9:37:54 pm by Dustin
Filed under Dealing with People, Fun, General, Household

Nuh said.

  1. Brandon

    We did a similar thing to one of the guys in Christi one time. He sorta flipped out… It was priceless. I’m pretty sure I have a video of it around somewhere.

  2. James

    I think Mansfield had the video and no one got a copy of it from him before he transferred away. If you’ve got it, you have to share.

    But we totally had these guys beat. They’re only waste deep. We literally had his room up to the ceiling and spilling out the door with crumpled newspapers. Even better, we did it in maybe 2 hours.

    Of course, we set a rule at the beginning that anybody who crumpled a newspaper had to pick up at least as much. I’d wager as many as a dozen contributed to crumpling, and maybe 3-4 actually stayed to help clean up.