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Sun Sep 16, 2007 3:40:10 pm by Dustin
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If any of you live/work in or near Vancouver, WA, you may have noticed the crazy people who live there. I too have noticed these people. While I am at work, I have witnessed at least three car crashes in the last year – just on this one corner too. Also there are many people who walk down the street yelling at trees or having arguments with their other personalities or the other people they are with. (It should be noted not all persons from Vancouver are crazy. Hell I live there and no doctor has to me I am crazy – just my ex-gfs – ha I kid. Moving on.)

As you might image this is quite distracting; even if it is hilarious to listen to. A few weeks back, I had had enough and purchased some earphones to listen to music while working. This has made work much more productive and relaxing. It has also made me realize online radio stations are crap. Let me explain…

I have been using Yahoo! Music to get my music addiction at work. Go ahead and listen to Dustin’s Yahoo! Music Station. This service is mostly what I want in a radio station. I can rank my artists, songs, albums, genres, etc to build a customized play list based on my music likeness. Let me tell you, those Yahoo! servers are probably working overtime on me too since my preferences include country, oldies, grunge rock, new rock (indie, emo, etc), and classical just to name a few. I now have a very nice station customized for me with Yahoo!, but it is not enough. With this system, I have to either pay an nominal monthly fee or listen to ads.

Well dammit, I don’t want to do either. I want to listen to a station for free and not listen to ads. I am willing to look at ads, but I don’t want the Navy asking me to join anymore. I am not going to join the Navy. If I was going into the service, I would choose the Air Force so piss off. I am also not going to buy any songs from you. If I have a service from you, why can’t I just listen to it from wherever in the world I am instead of buying songs from you too. So, in summary, I want a free online radio station which I can customize to my listening needs which does not make me listen to ads.

Now, I realize these stations need to pay their bills including paying the artists each time the songs are played. There is also the threat of having these royalty prices going up potentially putting many of these services out of business. Well I ask these services to adapt and find a business model which will allow them to become free. I will even say please.

Now that my rant is over, I am on a search. I am now in desire of finding the best service out there which comes closest to these needs. There are tons of online radio stations including (off the top of my head), Pandora, Deezer, Yahoo! Music, AOL, and Live365.

Remember, although I have 50 Gb of music on my home computer, this library is not going to cut it since these services have all songs ever available with any Internet connection.

I also ask all of you out there what service you use or don’t use or how else you get your music. I am curious what creative alternatives I may have.

(Dustin was listening to The Shins while writing this post)

  1. Brandon

    I’m just waiting to get a mobile device (read: phone) that allows me to listen to streaming radio stations. They’re out there, but I don’t have one. Also, anything less than 2.5G phones really can’t handle the bandwidth requirements (anything over 128kbps streams), so I am looking at which providers have the necessary network horsepower to keep up with those streaming media needs (also, since I work on CDMA, I might have to go with a CDMA phone/provider)…

    /random tangent

  2. Jeff

    Brandon, my two favorite mobile devices/phones right now are the Open Moko ( and the Ocean Helio ( Check those out, if you are interested.

  3. Brandon

    Openmoko is a little dodgy yet. I’ll let them get further along in their process. The Helio Ocean looks freakin sweet though. Also, the one thing that I was holding off for (3G capable) the helio one has. I hadn’t seen Helio before. I might go with that…. I’m not sure how big their network is, or how stable the company is, but it looks worth checking into. Their “unlimited” plans are a bit spendy though.


  4. Dustin

    Brandon, actually your ‘random tangent’ was just on. This plan is get a service like this for all devices.

  5. Jeff

    I was also hoping that OpenMoko gets a little further along in it’s development before I need a new phone. That way they can hopefully harmer out some more issues with it.

    Is it wrong that I didn’t read the whole post, yet have written many comments?

  6. James

    A lot of crappy stations, but a couple decent ones if you’re willing to sift through them all.

  7. Dustin

    I want a ‘My Station’ idea, not a list of stations to choose from. I want software which will learn what I like.

  8. budgetchief

    I listen to Pandora all the time and am constantly amazed at how it works (and how well it works). I know you listed it in your ‘rant’ but if you haven’t actually tried it you should…it sounds like exactly what you are looking for. I’m listening to it now!!!

  9. Jeff

    Dustin…Aren’t you being just a little picky now.