I Added A ‘Where I’ve Been’ Map

Sat Sep 15, 2007 12:54:08 pm by Dustin
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For a long while I wanted to have a ‘Where I’ve Been’ like map on this site. Not to gloat but more the track my ‘progress’. For a while I was going to make a Wordpress plugin to do all this happiness. Then a great day came when Google announced one can now embed its maps on your own site. So, I made one and now we have Dustin’s Travel Map. Take a look, and tell me what you think.

How did I do it, you ask? First I logged into my Google account and went to My Maps on Google Maps. From there I added a new map and started putting in locations. (I am sure I missed a bunch, especially on the East Coast.) Once you have the map click ‘Link to this page’ and copy the embed iFrame directly to your site. From here, every time the map is updated, the map on your site will be updated. Vualah.

I have noticed on some versions of Firefox the pins are not showing up. Sorry.

  1. Brandon

    Worked for me. I had put a map like this together one day on Google maps out of sheer boredom. I didn’t realize that they let you embed on your site though. That’s pretty sweet.

  2. Brandon

    By “Worked for me”, I meant the pins in Firefox… k, thx, bye

  3. Jeff

    You’ve been some cool places. I would encourage you to visit Europe. The Western European countries like England, Switzerland, Austria, etc are amazing!

  4. Dustin

    I am planning to go to Spain to run with the bulls next July. Depending on how much time I can get off of work, I will be going all over Europe while I am there.

    I have a project in the mix to research where in Germany my family is from. Once I have that started and/or complete, I want to go visit there.