Business 2.0 Gets Canceled, What’s A Boy To Do

Wed Sep 12, 2007 7:13:53 pm by Dustin
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My favorite magazine, Business 2.0, will be shut down after its October issue. This saddens me greatly. Bus 2.0 had everything (well basically) I wanted in a professional magazine. It combined my three (work related) loves: software/web, business, and entrepreneurship.

Now I have the painstaking task of finding a replacement. I have heard Inc was a good small business and entrepreneurship mag, but I do not know if it has enough techie or webbie related, err, stuff.

I guess I could always convert to reading more blogs. The problem with that is I spend too much time at a computer as it is – probably 10 hours a day or more during the week.

I think I would like to get an outdoorsie like magazine too. I don’t just what Runner’s World or Bicycling. I would like something which encompasses many outdoor activities: running, cycling, swimming, hiking/backpacking – including random tidbits like Frisbee golf.

I may have to make a trip to Barnes & Nobel for only thing it is good for a reference guide. Also does anybody out there have any suggestions to fill my two huge voids.

  1. Phil

    Yeah, i just signed up for that magazine, only to call and they said, o well you can pay us if you like, but it’s getting canceled.

    Freaking scammers the magazine distributors are.

  2. Jeff

    Magazines? What are those?

  3. Brandon

    Jeff, its like those things that you read on the internet… only they KILL trees and ship the bodies to your home…

  4. Jeff

    Good thing I’m not a tree-hugger. Otherwise I would be getting fired up right about now…

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