Should I Run The Portland Marathon?

Wed Sep 5, 2007 5:18:08 pm by Dustin
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Back in high school, I ran track and cross country for three years each. I also got injured four times in those three years and eventually hung up my shoes so to speak since then. It has been five or five and a half years since I ran on a regular basis. The thing is I loved it.

Very few sports give the option for personal (as apposed to team) drive and satisfaction. On the competitive side, only you, the runner, can be blamed for ‘failures’. Quite often, only you can push yourself further, requiring not only determination but also will.

Training is also very relaxing. Few activities allow a person to just sit back and think about whatever or forget everything else in life.

It is also very very good for your general health, and, if done correctly, an entire body workout.

With all of that said, I am thinking of starting running again. Not just for the health and relaxation benefits but also for the competition portions. I am even willing to take it step past that and say I am going to run the Portland Marathon. I just do not know if I really want to. I cannot give a reason why I would or would not run it.

Any comments from all of you out there?

  1. Jeff

    It’s questionable.

  2. James

    Marathon or not, there’s not reason not to start running. There’s plenty of shorter races you can do for the competitive side, even if you’re body doesn’t agree with 30+ miles a week.

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