The 4-Hour Workweek (Book Review)

Mon Sep 3, 2007 9:07:11 am by Dustin
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Full Title: The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Timothy Ferriss
ISBN: 978-0-307-35313-9
Get it cheap.

Summary: This book is all about DEAL.

  • Definition: figure out what it is you would do if you did not have to go to work. This can be anything from spend more time with the kids to backpack around the globe.
  • Elimination: Tim explains most people are stuck going to work each day for eight hours but can do the work must faster. Figure out how.
  • Automation: how much of your day to day tasks could be automated? Tim even outsources making up with his wife after a fight to somebody in India for $4/hr.
  • Liberation: now that you aren’t at work, go do whatever it is you have always wanted to.

Once you have accomplished DEAL you would no longer have to wait until your Golden Years to truly enjoy life.

What I thought: I heard a ton of chatter about this book, so I thought I would pick it up. Turns out it was an interesting read. Tim has some very radical ideas portrayed which would undo most of corporate America if enacted. He even explains telecommuting from the other side of the world is not for everybody because 1) most people would not what to live on the other side of the world and 2) we call not all do the DEAL system otherwise we would not have an economy.

So you are probably asking if DEAL for me? I would say parts of this might work for me. Such as finding secondary forms of income to fund ‘mini-retirements’. There are also parts which do not really sit well with me. Telling your boss you are telecommuting while you are at Oktoberfest seems a little unethical to me.

I also do not think I am waiting to have an exciting life when I am old just because I working everyday. Hell last week I was hit by a car – exciting.

You might also be interested to see The 4-Hour Workweek website or Tim’s blog.

  1. Brandon

    “Tim even outsources making up with his wife after a fight to somebody in India for $4/hr.”


  2. Jeff

    Tim has some really interesting ideas. I’m glad people continue to be creative and live life however they want. BUT I wonder if his plan of mini-retirements isn’t just a little bit short sighted. What happens when he needs to continue to work after his is of retirement age but cannot due to physical limitations? He could find himself unable to work and needing the income.

    I have seriously thought about a virtual assistant. It could save a lot of time. Though I would never outsource anything to do with my significant other.