Manhattan Farmers Get Federal Subsidies

Fri Aug 31, 2007 6:15:18 am by Dustin
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OpenCongress has a post about how residence in Manhattan are racking in federal cash from the farm bill – currently on its way to the Senate for (annual or something like that) voting. All these fun farmers have to do is grow a ’select group of crops’. So I thought, hey that’s nice of them; there should only be a few small farmers right. Well check the map for yourself.

What does everybody think of that one?

  1. Jeff

    I would like to think that our federal government have correctly deemed those crops vital to our nation. Otherwise they should let the capital market run itself.

  2. Brandon

    Do these people have rooftop greenhouses or what? How the hell do you grow stuff in manhattan? It’s about as anti-farm as antarctica…