Is Vancouver Part Of Portland – Blog Style?

Tue Aug 28, 2007 10:23:16 pm by Dustin
Filed under Dealing with People, General, Tools and Tricks created a post last week on its blog titled Why Boston is Bloggiest. Within this post it mentions how NYC may have a large number of blogs it is still only the sixth largest city in the US for blogging activity. This is due to the fact that NYC has a crap ton of people who are not writing blogs, so proportionally…

This happy information bumps Portland, OR into the top five. But should it be?

Where are the lines drawn on Portland? Portland is in one of those cities which boarders are not too well defined as a metro area. In its case, Vancouver and the rest of Southwest Washington are just four or five miles out of the city center but could be argued are not a suburb. Hell even ask Vancouver’s mayor. The same could be said about Gresham, OR – a suburb-ish but still Oregon’s fourth?? largest city. In my assumption of Vancouver, it would less bloggy – to use’s words – than Portland which would possibly move Portland down in ranks if it were included. The opposite could potentially be said about Bellevue, WA – just 11 miles city center to city center from Seattle. But what if New Jersey was included in NYC.

My question to would be to explain these boundaries. Do not just explain how it would pertain to this study but to your entire service. If I mark my site/post as Vancouver instead of Portland (or vice versa) how will that effect the circumstances of your service?

That is all I will say for tonight. There may be potential for more later – even more detail if I am up for it.

  1. Jeff

    Interesting topic. I definitely think that Vancouver and Gresham would lower the percentage of bloggers per capita in Portland. Gresham is the forth largest city in Oregon, and also the most overlooked city by pretty much everyone!

    Also, I don’t think it would be fair for to include another state’s bloggers (New Jersey) when calculating the “bloginess” of a city (New York City).

  2. Brandon

    Who cares? This is just another useless stat in the “My E-Junk is bigger than yours” battle… The lines are going to be drawn in whatever way makes the outcome match what the line drawers want.


  3. Dustin

    I singled out New York City specifically because it is a similar to that of Portland. Jersey City, New Jersey is just across the Hudson River from NYC.

  4. James

    I’m with Brandon on this one. Blogs are way overrated, and pretty much the only people who talk about blogs are people who write them. I mean, this guy can’t be serious, can he?

    “Wow. I am really upset. I understand why Boston is ranked #1. And I’m OK with it. Really. But for New York City to be #6, well, that’s just embarassing!”