I Just Got Hit By A Car/Boat

Sun Aug 26, 2007 11:13:36 am by Dustin
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As many of you readers know, I have been riding my new bike quite often this summer. Today was no different. I was off on my usual route along the river.

This time was different; this time I got hit by a car. Actually it was a boat trailer. Here is my story.

I was going south on Main Street and came to a red light at Fourth Plain. Normally at red lights I look to see if anybody is turning right (has their turn signal on), and if not, I skip in line along side all the cars to get to the front.

This time was no different. I came to the red light and saw nobody was turning, so I started scooting past everybody. This put me next to an SUV – no it wasn’t a Dodge so not that funny – just at its hitch which was pulling a boat. Just as I was going to start speeding up to go through the intersection, I noticed the SUV had its turn signal on. At this point I was mostly out of options for where to go except turn the corner.

I tried to ride along side it around the turn, but the boat took the turn too sharply. The tire on the trailer clipped the rear tire of my bike. Let’s just say I went down. I am not really sure how graceful I may or may not have looked, but I was probably not winning any dismounting medals.

No need to truly fuss though folks; I will live to see the day. At this point, I have a cut on my finger and one Hell of some road rash on my back. I would show pictures but the road rash on my lower back is pretty low and may not be appropriate for our younger readers. My bike on the other had will not be living very much longer.

How about some picture? Notice the lack of rear break and obvious tire print in the spokes of the wheel.

Bike v Boat 1

Bike v Boat 2

Bike v Boat 3

The officer who will be writing the Police Report said he will not be able to assign fault since he was not there. Assuming though I do not come down with any serious injuries, all I really want is a new bike. Until then I am just going to have to drive my car to get exercise for a few weeks.

  1. Jeff

    Here are some tips for getting fit while driving a car.


  2. Jeff

    Just so you know, the laugher was at the link I posted…not at your accident!

  3. Brandon

    “What did you learn?” ~Dustin (Aug 7, 12:14 PM)

    Just Joshin… Yikes! I read the post title and thought you were being silly. That really sucks. I hope you end up being ok, though your bike looks a little on the screwed side. Did the driver of the boatcar stop? We have a lot of bike races that go through the road out front of my place here, and it scares the hell out of me when they are going during rush hour. People down here are crazy when they get on the roads…

  4. Dustin

    I was wondering if anybody would pull the ‘What did you learn’ card. I learned not to screw with things 6x your weight.

    A bit of an update. My back and neck are a bit down on their luck but nothing too bad still.

    Yes the driver luckily stopped and gave me a ride home. I like to keep my enemies closer you see.

  5. Jeff

    You should have asked him for a back/neck message and a new bike!

  6. James

    Oh, totally not cool. The road rash will go away, but cracked seat stays are forever.

    I assume you’re running this through their insurance company? Was there a bike lane? I’m not sure what the legality is if there wasn’t. Even though the officer wouldn’t assign fault, this is a pretty small claim assuming you don’t have any real injuries, so maybe the insurance company will give in and write a check rather than hassle with figuring out who’s at fault.

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