Google Just Might Take Over The World After All

Thu Aug 23, 2007 6:11:57 pm by Dustin
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After testing a new ad system on YouTube for a few weeks Google announced a new system call InVideo this week. In a nutshell this is a way to have ads within the video which play on YouTube.

But wait there is more. Imagine a system like this on all the media you use – your phone, TV, DVR, GPS, and, hush don’t tell, your web browser. This might finally give Old Media the scare they finally needed. Don’t believe this is huge? I would say webbalert put it best. Go ahead watch this video and see if you believe me.

See, it is huge.

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  2. Brandon

    Morgan Webb is waaaay too excited about this. Oh, and I, for one, welcome our new internet search engine overlords…

  3. Dustin

    I read this morning – which I thought might happen – the $13 billion in annual revenue in five years from this was a typo. It should be more like $4b.

    I think she has a triple shot before each of these show. She is very spunky.

  4. Jeff

    On one hand, I would like to think that this will not affect me. On the other hand, I remember how annoying those little ads are on TV. But Google is always looking for another way to get ads to the user.

  5. Rodney H

    Damn – cool video. Looks like it’s daily. I think you just saved me from having to read like 500 blogs/day (I’ll still read yours tho ;-)

  6. Dustin

    Thank you for dropping by Rodney H. It is very appreciated.