Portland Bridge Pedal Recap

Sun Aug 12, 2007 4:34:10 pm by Dustin
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My day started a little earlier this morning then usual. I was up and leaving the house at 6:00. Why, you may be wondering. Today was the Bridge Pedal, a fun bike trip over all the bridges in Portland. I was down to the water front, checked in, and ready to ride at 7 with four friends Jason, Lauren, Diana, and Stephanie. All in all the ride was very fun, relaxed, and most of all entertaining. Here are a few riding stats:

  • Total Distance: 34.32 miles according to my bike
  • Time: 2:58:18, it was a relaxed pace
  • Average Speed: 11.54 mph, there were a ton of people in my way
  • Average Cadence: 48
  • Max Speed: 38.70, coming down the hill off the Fremont. I also hit the hit 38 coming on to the Marquam.

A few things to note about our trip.

When we got to the Ross Island Bridge at mile 10, the three routes (10, 8, 6 bridge – we were the 10) had just combined, and the four lanes of bikes had to merge into one to cross the bridge. There was about a 30-45 minute wait to get over the bridge. A little poorly planned, but we got over it.

At about mile 30, we were going past school down Willamette Blvd. Car traffic was limited to one lane the other direction and to stop cars from entering our course, there were small, wooden ‘road closed’ signs at each cross street. My friend Lauren, in hast to miss a small child who was having trouble steering, hit a few these signs. I did not see her do it, but it sounded like somebody had just died. She did not fall either. When she caught up to me about a block later we saw see had a splinter from the sign about the thickness of those #2 pencils you used back in grade school stuck in her leg. We decided it was time for a break. After denying help from an ambulance and realizing Public Safety is useless, she called a friend to take her to the hospital for stitches. Last I heard, she will live to see the day. The rest of us went on and finished.

There was another slow spot at the finish as all of those people decided as soon as they crossed the finish line it was time to stop and be in the way. I do have a nice photo finish picture which Diana took of me as we were walking our bikes over the line.

It was a very fun day. Pictures will be posted as they come.

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