Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets (Book Review)

Wed Jul 25, 2007 5:48:34 pm by Dustin
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Full Title: Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets, A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications by John J. Murphy
ISBN: 0-7352-0066-1
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Summary: As the title states this seems to be a ‘comprehensive guide’ to Technical Analysis – the use of charts and volume to predict, track, and profit from the stock market. (As opposed to Fundamental Analysis – the use of financial statements). Murphy goes into detail about the various techniques to using Technical Analysis such as Dow Theory, chart trends, moving averages, head and shoulders…

What I thought: In hopes to learn more about personal finance which is a New Years Resolution and a Mid Year Resolution, I picked up this book. At first it was pretty interesting learning how to determine various peaks and troughs in the charts in order to make a profit. (I will keep the argument of Fundamental v. Technical for another day.) Then I read more and more and was able to get the gist of any chapter in the first few pages if not the first few paragraphs. Would I suggest this to somebody who was interested in Technical Analysis? Well maybe, but I would tell him or her to read the Wikipedia article first; it seems to be more in depth and free.

  1. Jeff

    You are going gangbusters. Three posts in one day. I can hardly keep up!

    I will probably pass on this book, but will definitely read the wikipedia entry about Technical Analysis. What do you think about Technical vs. Fundamental?