Has Gone To Crap

Wed Jul 25, 2007 5:05:16 pm by Dustin
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I was looking up a few salaries just now on and decided it is crap. First of all, they have not updated their interface in about six years. Get with the times here folks; people use AJAX and have simple designs for a reason. Secondly, every fifth page seems like it is one of those ‘Click here to skip this ad’. Are you really hurting that much that you have to put these random page ads in for me to get annoyed? The same is true for Forbes’ website. I can deal with ads but, come on really, get rid of those.

From now on I will be using Indeed.

  1. James

    A couple sites I used when I got hired (in addition to – data is user submitted – data from employer reports
    National Society of Professional Engineers – survey generated
    Bureau of Labor Statistics – don’t know

    NSPE doesn’t have a free report, unless you volunteer for their survey. The BLS info is really hard to use.

    All of them gave me about the same results.

    Simple designs: yes. AJAX: meh

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