My First Trip To Bellingham Washington

Mon Jul 23, 2007 7:35:29 pm by Dustin
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I made my first trip to Bellingham, WA this last weekend. Why you may ask? Well, no particular reason. Ok, there was a slight reason; I mean I didn’t just wake up on Saturday and decide it was time to take a drive. No, it was not exactly like that. Instead on Friday night, at the monthly Poker Night, a friend asked if I wanted to go the Bellingham. I think this was at about one in the morning. At 7:30, we were on the road for a nice five hour drive.

The place I stayed was right on Lake Whatcom; I mean right there. So, as my reputation holds, I was swimming, boating, and Jet Skiing for most of Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning (and drinking my weight in beer – swimming and beer do not completely mix).

Exciting things to note:

  • When we were at the store getting beer, one of the girls I was with pulls out a 40 of Busch and says she used to drink that. Just as she says this, some random dude walks by and asks, ‘Did you used to live under a bridge?’
  • One of the guys asked if I wanted to join his web design company he is starting.
  • The house had a bunch of dogs which they use for dog shows, meaning they had to stay in their special kennels to not develop personalities, were very well groomed, and had had their barks removed (I’m serious). We called them fake dogs.

I liked it enough I might even go back some time.

  1. Jeff

    1) Swimming and drinking should not be mixed. Side note about a lake of vodka:

    2) Are you going to join his web design company?

  2. Dustin

    My swimming experience wasn’t that bad Jeff, but that is pretty funny.

    No, I don’t think I will. He said it was a side project. I don’t really think leaving a established custom software shop would be worth it for a side project.

  3. Brandon

    Sounds like a fun random trip, though I do have to agree that busch is simply piss water…

  4. James

    Wow! Your first trip to Bellingham. Congratulations on reaching such a major milestone in your life.

    Sorry, I thought your site was running a little low on cynicism

  5. Dustin

    Thanks James, I’m going to go cry myself to sleep now.

  6. James

    My work here is done…