Riding Along The Columbia

Sun Jul 15, 2007 2:56:05 pm by Dustin
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After reading the Bridge Pedal is only a month away, I got inspired to go for a ride. I started by riding to Downtown Vancouver which is about two miles from my place and mostly down hill. Once there, you can skip under the Interstate Bridge and ride along the Columbia river for about three miles or so. This will take you passed Marine Park (a nice place for swimming on hot days – crap I gave out the secret) and stops at about the headquarters for iriver. That last link is actually a link to a map which actually show the road which is next to the path I rode and gives a decent view of where I was (satellite view shows trail).

On the map there is a bit of a Pinocchio nose jettisoning into the river between Marine Park and Wintler Park. This is a man made trail-like pier (I do not know the official name??) which was a nice place to pull up a squat and watch the river go by. It also reminded me how much I miss the beauty of the Puget Sound. *sign*

This has also inspired me to continue my Sunday bike rides throughout Vancouver/Portland. Three rides I am thinking of are around Vancouver Lake (if it’s possible), Eastside Esplanade, and a Marine Drive trip.

If anybody would like to join me or knows of any other places, send me a line.

  1. James

    Your Pinocchio nose is called a jetty.

    The Eastside Esplanade is a pretty short ride and too crowded for training rides, but you can take off through town after you finish it. I scouted out the roads around Vancouver Lake, and it looks like the lack of bridges over the slough makes it a minimum 50 mile ride. Marine drive is nice because the path is separate from the road for most of its length and you can go for miles in either direction. West is Kelly Point Park and East is the Airport and Blue Lake Park (if you go far enough). You can also ride directly across the river on the path on the I-5 bridge.

  2. Dustin

    I figure most of my rides would start at my house which could add a good 10 miles to any day depending on where I wanted to stop.

  3. Roo

    Doing a bridge to bridge ride is always a good one.

    You can ride Mill Plain to 205, cross, and ride marine drive back.