Ubuntu – Not Just For Freaks, Geeks, And Nerds

Wed Jul 11, 2007 5:57:06 am by Dustin
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I learned something yesterday. Ok, I probably learned a few things, but this story stands out.

As a person working in the software development industry, I hear quite a bit about Ubuntu, a relatively new Linux distribution, in the news lately (Wikipedia entry). As nerdy as this may sounds, it is part of my work and a tidbit interesting.

Much to my surprise yesterday when my political science, hippie vive, hates computers friend had fresh tattoo of it on her lower neck/upper back area. Of course, I asked why she had a tattoo of an Operating System on her back because only the most nerdy dorks would ever do that.

Apparently, Ubuntu, the Operating System, gets its name from the African concept ubuntu, meaning ‘humanity towards others’. So for all of you geeky types out there thinking you just found the girl of your dreams, touch that’s not exactly what she meant but close.

  1. Jeff

    Yeah, I am a big fan of Ubuntu. It’s a very user friendly version of Linux. Also, once you install the OS you can watch a short video about where the Ubuntu name came from. It’s pretty interesting.

  2. Ray

    I use ubuntu on my workstation at work. It’s my favorite linux distro, but it’s far from perfect.

  3. James

    Ha… that’s pretty funny. Did she have the Ubuntu logo or “Ubuntu” written out?

    User friendly is almost an understatement. It was easier to install than Windows XP.

  4. Dustin

    The word, in a script like text.

  5. Phil

    Were there Dolphins? There are always damn Dolphins! (Where’s my Tuna can?)

    I have to say that ubu*nix has some neat little gizzies for GUI enjoyment.

  6. phil

    just so u know ur site looks good from an iPhone


  7. Jeff

    Dude! I saw that tattoo just the other day!!!