W07 Is Complete Trash

Sat Jul 7, 2007 9:54:12 am by Dustin
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As most of my friends know, I enjoy my Amber Ale beers more than any other type. Yum yum. I have also been going to Widmer every Monday for dinner with some of those friends for almost three years. So, when they put the two together and make a seasonal Amber, I am usually all over it. Hence my love for their W07, a Summit hops brew.

Last night, I was down at Henry’s Tavern enjoying some nice brews with some friends and decided to order a W07. The waitress nicely informed me I was not allowed to order such a crappy beer and refused to bring me one. I, being in an exceptionally good mood, decided to allow her to bring me something else. I don’t know what it was, but there was a bit too much hops in it for my liking – think mild IPA or rich Pale Ale.

I wonder if the quality assurance peeps in Widmer’s sales department know some of their vendors are specifically telling people not to order their beer. Wars have been started from less.

  1. Brandon

    Sounds to me that the waitress didn’t know her head from her ass. Granted, I haven’t had the w07, but if the beer she brought you was crap, she obviously probably doesn’t have very good taste. I agree that if Widmer knew that, they’d be a little upset.

  2. James

    Wow…so not cool. Beers are personal.

    Of course, I’m sure she did this because Henry’s has an outstanding list of brews that absolutely blow Widmer out of the water such as…ummm…oh dear, look what I found in their menu:

    Amstel Light
    Bud Light
    Coors Light
    Michelob Ultra
    Miller Lite
    Pabst Blue Ribbon

  3. Brandon

    Hey… Don’t knock the PBR… I still have heavy metal poisoning from that. Ah, college…

  4. Jeff

    Shoot. I have two bottles of W07 that I was looking forward to trying sometime. I guess I shouldn’t expect too much.

  5. Dustin

    Well she did say she liked it out of the bottle… Crap she was weird.

  6. Roo

    Voodoo donuts anyone?

  7. Phil

    Roo’s a voodoo dough-nut!