You Know It’s Monday When

Mon Jul 2, 2007 4:12:45 pm by Dustin
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Typically, on Mondays at this time I am leaving work and getting ready to go down to Widmer for beer and burgers. This week is an exception though. I am not really busy right now, but short of taking a two hour bus ride or riding my bike, I have no way of getting there. I went to go run to the store yesterday and figured out the clutch was out in my car. For those of you who are not familiar, it is arguably hard to drive a manual transmission without a working clutch. Luckily, I have my bike and can still get to work. To fix it, I had three choices (since I do not have the tools here) 1) drive it to my parents house and work on it with my dad, 2) tow it there instead of hoping it would make it all the way, or 3) have some shop do it.

I chose number three. This is a big step in my life. I am very particular about the things I own and who I let touch/work on them. In fact, I did not let my own mother drive my car (which I have had since I was 16) until a few years ago. So, handing it over to somebody else who I have never met is a big deal for me.

I am definitely having some issues as I am thinking about what this fool is doing to my car right now, and I cannot get to Widmer to drink my sorrows away. Gosh.

  1. Brandon

    Only be worried if he hands you a box of “Spare parts” that you didn’t really need anyway.