You Know You Have Jelled Teams When…

Wed Jun 20, 2007 5:48:12 pm by Dustin
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There is an idea within managing software development (and I am sure it can span to other disciplines too) called Jelled Teams. This is the idea that a team works so well together, they think before the others speak and know exactly how to work together. I would be like your husband or wife completing your sentences. They rarely actually happen but when they do, the managers are super duper excited because the productivity grows much faster than without it.

Much to my surprise when yesterday, my team (two guys and myself) all showed up wearing red t-shirts, jeans, and white shoes. We had a bit of a chuckle, followed by me thinking one of my teammates was stalking me again, and then got back to work. Now the excitement of out blood gang, trend setting would have stopped there, but we all decided to go to the local coffee joint to break the monotony and wake up a bit. We were then reminded we all dressed a like when the baristas asked us if we planned to dress alike. Now it would have been a bit more entertaining if we could have come up with something witty like we were practicing down the street for the upcoming West Side Story plan (we of course being the Jets), but we had nothing but frowns, solus, and embarrassment.

And that is my story about how Formos dresses alike.

  1. Brandon

    Can I please have that thirty seconds back? What? They’re gone forever?

  2. Ray


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