A Walk, Crawl, Or Pass Out Down Memory

Mon Jun 4, 2007 8:09:41 pm by Dustin
Filed under Dealing with People, Fun, General, Household, a little about life

This past weekend Jason and Chris moved out of our old college house. I have to say this is a pretty big milestone in my life even though I moved out last November. I went over and helped Jason a bit this weekend and told Chris to move out better.

Most importantly, it was quite a switch to see the house completely empty after living there for two and a half years. I checked a few things off my list of Things to do Before I Die including graduating from college, move out of my parents’ house, throwing up on the carpet, passing out in the bathroom and waking up in my bed, throwing up in the grass, drinking my weight in beer, making out with Jason’s future girlfriend, throwing up in the driveway, stealing Chris’ food without him knowing, riding in a cardboard box down the stairs (as a full grown adult), drinking my weight in wine, going rally driving in the Fred Meyer parking lot after it snowed, and sleeping only 20 hours in two weeks while loving it. Just to name a few.

By the way if anybody would like to by a house, I know of one for sale.