A Week in Review

Sat May 26, 2007 11:53:06 am by Dustin
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About a month ago I was going through a phase where I did not have a ton going on in my life. Since moving to Vancouver, I no longer have those random drop ins from friends that I did when I was in the college house in North Portland.

This last week (or so) has been a bit of a change from that.

I went to two, count ‘em two, baseball games and drank more beer and watched more honeys than actually watching the game. Both caused some entertaining hangovers. I had to power through the first one since I had a ton due at work the next day. The second on the other hand made my liver hurt.

Last weekend, I went to Sun River, OR with Tom and Jason and a few others. This time I migrated from Miller Lite to drinking my weight in PBR. For three days, I did not drink water but instead just drank really watered down beer. I would like to get a shout out to my home state of Wisconsin for crafting such genuinely, water rich beer.

This bring me to last night. It was Poker Night May 07 and more peeps attended this time around (although some were late). It ended up being Matt, James, Jeff, Jason, and myself playing this time. CheeChee and Kelly were supposed to play too but showed up three hours late. We posted their blinds for them just in case, but since they were the ultra-small stacks by that point, they opted out of paying the buy ins. The entire game lasted about three hours again, but this time there was not an hour of head to head. The hand of the night came late in the game. Jeff, James, Matt, and I had relatively even stacks after Jason got out early missing his flush draw. With King Four, Jeff went all in before the Flop. Being to his left, I immediately called with my Pocket Tens. James called too with King Jack, and Matt folded. Earlier I said the stacks were basically even but to more exact, I had about double Jeff’s stack as the Big Stack at the table. With Jeff all in, it was up to James and I to finish the betting. The Flop brought Jack Ten Seven. So, James Paired his Jacks, and I had a Set of Tens. James raised 300 to the Side Pot, so I went all in which he called. A King came on the Turn which was exciting for everybody especially me. Even if a second King came up on the River, I would still have to pot with a Full Boat. It was a Seven instead so I still landed the Boat. Matt and I passed the Blinds back and forth for 15 minutes until I finally called his tenth all in pre-flop in a row.

After the game we decided to see if the rumors of bar across being a strip club were true. It turns out they were just that, rumors. But there are four pool tables and Karaoke.

This brings me to today. I am enjoying my three day weekend today. Tomorrow I think I will go to the beach since my parents are their. Monday I am going to help Jason move more of his things to his new condo in SE Portland. Then I might sit on my porch and pick on my old guitar.