Think and Grow Rich (Book Review)

Wed May 16, 2007 6:43:38 pm by Dustin
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Full Title: The Think & Grow Rich Action Pack by Napoleon Hill
ISBN: 0-452-26660-2
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Summary: Have you ever wondered what it takes to become rich? Well Hill explains all…

To start you must know Hill’s definition of rich is monetary and the capitalists point of view. In his book he explains how to motivate yourself and figure out how to become rich and the best person in the world at whatever it is you do. The first step according to Hill is to do just what the title says, think about being rich and you will become rich. If you have a goal, one way to achieve your goal is to remind yourself of your goal the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing before bed. If you are continually reminding yourself of your goal, you will force yourself to live your life to achieve it. This is just one tip which Hill gives to one day reach your goals and become rich.

What I thought: This is another one of those books I read awhile back. In fact, I read it in college for my E-Scholars program. During this program it was used to motivate future business owners to reach their goals. Still to this day, I have never really thought ’self-help, motivational’ books were really very helpful.

The thing is that growing up I had my father yelling at me to dig faster as I was on the business end of a shovel. This was his way of 1) reaching his goal of a beautiful yard and 2) teaching me that not everything was fun and entertaining on the road to reaching goals. So, I really just rolled my eyes as he would tell his readers to tell themselves to get off the couch. It seems a bit ridiculous to have somebody else teach me how to self motivated.

The thing I liked about this book was the anecdotal pieces about how other successful, rich individuals got to where they were. For example, Henry Ford once sued a person for slander for calling him ignorant. During the trial, Ford was put on the stand and asked some smart people questions such as ‘what is the distance around the moon?’ or ‘how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?’. To the long list of questions, Ford answered ‘I do not know’. The defense lawyer followed with asking how he was not ignorant. Ford’s answer was that he had smart people surround him at all moments of the day to answer these questions. The defendant then realized Ford was actually brilliant because only a brilliant man would surround himself with people much smarter than him in order to make himself rich.

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