I’m So Emo for… Spiderman?

Sat May 5, 2007 9:08:33 am by Dustin
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If you are planning to go to Spiderman 3 and do not want to hear about how it was do not read further. In fact do not read the title of this post or the preface for that matter. On the other hand, if you want to hear how absolutely horrible it was, read more.

The Post:
First of all, the movie as you probably know is about how some space goo comes down and makes lovelies with Spiderman to change is personality and basically create Venom. For one, I don’t remember the word Venom being used once during the entire movie. Silly people.

Back to the story… This goo attaches to him, and what happens? He joins an emo band. Yes that’s right. He now looks as if he is part of My Chemical Romance.

How about some pictures to explain?

Here is Spiderman:
Emo Spiderman

And here is My Chemical Romance:
My Chemical Romance

One of these does not look like the other, and I think it is the blond guy.

Now for the director to prove Spiderman is super sad and emotional about his new state of being, so he has Spiderman prance around with hatred to the world but still that nice, boyish charm. It would be like West Side Story but in need of some nice Prozac to mend the spirits. Don’t forget the six years of tap and eight years of dance too. No I am serious; it was prancing.

Now to make the entire process more exciting there was one of those talks-through-everything people behind us. Common phrase coming from her direction were: ‘Run Spidey’, ‘Look behind you’, and ‘Oh no he didn’t’.

But sure go see it.

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