Favorite Wordpress Plugins (2007)

Sat May 5, 2007 5:10:18 pm by Dustin
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I thought I would put together a list of the plugins for Wordpress which I use on this site to make it more happy.

  • Akismet – a check to make sure spam comments do not get though to the site. I have not had any slip through yet.
  • Contact Form ][ – exactly what it says. Mine is here. One thing that annoyed me was that the text was originally on the left of the text fields statically. I had to physically modify the file to fix this. It would be nice if in the future this was an option.
  • DoFollow – by default WP puts a no-follow attribute on the URI links for a comment. This will mean the search engines will not register these links as my site linking to the commenter’s. To thank a commenter for commenting, this plugin will remove said attribute after a specified time (10 days for this site). Thanks for the comments.
  • Feedburner Feed Replacement – WP has many avenues for how one can subscribe to an RSS Feed. This can be very annoying for anybody who is using Feedburner to track its subscribers. This not only brings those together but also connects them all to Feedburner.
  • Related Posts (plus 404) – generates a few related posts to the current post and places links on the pages you set it on.
  • WP-Cache – adds caching to posts to lower DDoS attack potential.

Those are the ones I am currently using, but there are a few out there which I would also like to add.

  • Integrated photo album without third party site – there are a few plugins to link your Flickr or Gallery accounts to be skinned into your WP site. I do not like this idea for my site. I would like one that only uses my site and WP software. Yellow SwordFish has a plugin which is quite similar to what I am looking for. The thing is that the back end, administration side is designed for somebody who knows how WP works. This is not the ideal design for a photo album CMS. I am looking for a add, edit, update type of system with multi-user support. I might write my own.
  • Family Tree – I have not found a genealogy plugin which does not use third party software either.