the mother tongue (Book Review)

Tue May 1, 2007 6:13:58 am by Dustin
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Full Title: the mother tongue: english and how it got that way by Bill Bryson
ISBN: 0-380-71543-0
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Summary: the mother tongue in a nutshell is about the history of the English language dating from pre-Roman times to today. The book is more than a regular history book though. For one, it is paper back and does not look like an encyclopedia. Secondly, Bryson explain more than just how the language evolved over time. He also explains why it has dominated the world for so long and (in his view) will always be the dominant language – sorry China you have failed. He also explains why English should never have been so successful. He says English is not, what we would call today, user friendly. In fact it is a horrible language in all respects.

What I thought: I actually read this back in high school, and it is easily one of my top five favorite books. The wit, humor, energy, and excitement used in the book make it fascinating. All I really know to say is wow.